About the King’s

King Land and Cattle, LLC, owned by Robert and Melanie King, was started in fall of 2015 with a purchase of 23 Registered Brangus females from the McCreary Farms herd. Robert has been in Brangus cattle since the mid 90’s. Robert and Melanie had been planning on growing the operation when the opportunity to buy these females straight from the heart of the McCreary herd came along. Having known the McCreary’s for many years, and the type of functional cattle they had been breeding for 30+ years, Robert and Melanie decided to take advantage of the opportunity. All 23 were bred and due to calve in the last quarter of 2015. This is the foundation of the herd.

Robert and Melanie live on the farm with their 4 children. Austin, Kobe, J, and Savannah. They are a Christian family, and strive to put God first in everything they do. Robert is the 5th generation to run cattle on the family farm, with the family roots reaching back to the 1800s. Professionally, Robert and Melanie work with Southeastern Land Group specializing in the sale of farms and timberland. Robert has been helping people buy and sell farms since 1999.

Robert’s grandfather, WM King was instrumental in developing Robert’s love for the cattle business. WM bought and sold calves for a living for over 5 decades. He would buy cattle in the country and sell them at Capital Stockyards in Montgomery, AL. Robert’s father, Bob, has been on the farm full time since the early 2000’s and can regularly be found feeding cattle or at the local auction barn. Bob and Nevarrah, Robert’s mother, also reside on the family farm. In the mid 1990’s Robert began showing calves and grew to love the Brangus breed.

Robert, Melanie, Savannah
Kobe, J, & Austin

With an initial purchase of Brangus cattle from Mr. Pete Griffin, owner of Mohawk Brangus, and a Brangus breed patriarch, the Brangus years began. The business grew through the mid-2000’s, selling Brangus Bulls throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Many of today’s Brangus breeders trace some of their first cattle purchases to what was then King Brangus. Terrapin Creek Brangus, Haynes Farms Brangus, Kenneth Fuller, and even Southern Cattle Company all bought their first Registered Brangus Cattle from King Brangus, which was then operated by Bob and Robert. The herd was eventually dispersed in late 2008, but the passion for the Brangus seedstock business still remained.

The Program

Today the King Land and Cattle herd is run by Robert and Melanie…with alot of help from the children and Robert’s parents, Bob and Nevarrah. Robert and Melanie intend to grow the herd to about 100 calves per year comprised of primarily embryo transfer calves and A.I. sired calves.

The focus of King Land & Cattle’s Brangus and Ultrablack cattle herd is “function first.” When you select cattle based on a single trait, you can end up with a train wreck in a very brief time. Chasing a big weaning weight is useless if you loose two calves a year because of their birth weight. Having an outstanding carcass is futile if the cows that are going to produce those highly carcass driven cattle are not able to travel the pasture and continue in the herd. There is nothing wrong with having a great weaning weight and great carcass traits, you just can’t put those traits above being able to function on grass, lay down and have a calf unassisted, sound feet, legs, and udders. You must keep all of these traits in mind to breed functional, useful and PROFITABLE cattle for today’s cattleman. Function first!

With a long background in marketing cattle, our program is well situated to help those who purchase bulls, cattle, and genetics from us get a premium for their cattle. We believe in our genetics, and will actively work to get our customers market premiums for those same genetics in their cattle. When you buy a bull from us, it’s not a one-off sale. We want life-long customers. We have a strong market for those premium Brangus heifers produced by our bulls, and will help our customers get top dollar for those they are willing to turn loose of. We will also help verify the genetics in those good Brangus sired steers so that the cattleman can get a premium for those too.

The Future

The future holds many things for the King Land & Cattle, LLC Brangus herd. We soon expect to expand our embryo transfer program to include the use of proven, superior Brangus power-type bulls on highly maternal Angus cows to produce an Ultrablack that our commercial cattlemen love. We will also look to add a female and steer sale available to those commercial cattlemen utilizing our genetics.

We look forward to providing Brangus and Ultrablack cattle to the serious-minded cattlemen seeking cattle that function. Function First!