Meat and Muscle Brangus Bulls For Sale

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We have two really great meat and muscle Brangus Bulls for sale today.  You pick them for $4,000 each or take the pair for $7,500.  If you are looking for bulls that will sire great steers, and females that you WANT to keep, these are two you should consider.  03C and 018C.  Both are sired by McCreary’s Sweet Home 30Y5, a very powerful son of Terrell of Brinks.  He consistently sires fantastic muscle, growth, and length.  The kind of calves that stand out. 03C’s Dam, MF Miss Jesse 03W, is a Jesse daughter and currently in our donor program at … Read More

Bull Sales at King Land and Cattle – Registered Brangus Bulls For Sale

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Spring 2017 Bull sales season is off to a great start at King Land and Cattle.  We have several good, vet-tested, breeding age, virgin, Registered Brangus Bulls For Sale.  Our bulls have sold to other registered breeders, large ranches, and family farms.  We now have buyers in multiple states too!  Very excited about what is to come.  Those that have bought our bulls know that we want to be there when it comes time to sell those high-quality Brangus-sired calves too!  Our marketing has reached many different levels of cattlemen, and we have multiple requests for females sired by these … Read More

King Land & Cattle Brangus Bulls at the Salacoa Valley Bull Sale Nov 19

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King Land & Cattle will be selling 3 Brangus Bulls at the Salacoa Valley Bull Sale on November 19.  The sale will be held at the SVF Ranch in Fairmount, GA.  We are selling 2 3/4 brothers in blood and the other is a 5/8 brother in blood.  All three are sired by IH Rudder and are out of Jesse of Brinks daughters or granddaughters.  Read more about these bulls at the hyperlink.  If you are looking for bulls that will help you produce market-topping elite Brangus females, while making really good steer calves that will mash the scales, you … Read More

Fuller Farm Selects King’s Rudder 210C

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A huge thank you goes out to Fuller Farm in Cragford, Alabama for selecting King’s Rudder 210C as their next herdsire.  210C will be going to work in their Registered Brangus herd.  Kenneth and Amos Fuller are long-time Brangus Breeders and have a reputation for selling quality bulls from their farm.  I spent yesterday evening going through their herd with them.  It’s exciting when you know one of your bulls is going to work on some really good cows.  Kenneth also took me to see their senior herdsire, MB Dead On 71Y7.  I had already looked at some really good … Read More

Brangus Bulls For Sale

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Exciting times as we are officially offering our very first set of Brangus Bulls For Sale at Private Treaty.  These bulls will be available for pick up in December 2016.  All will be virgin bulls and will have passed their Breeding Soundness Exam prior to pick up.  All will have a negative Brucellosis, Trich, BVD, and Johne’s tests as well.  We will stand behind these bulls 100%. Just because this is our first group of bulls don’t mean there’s not years of breeding and experience behind them.  We purchased our herd from McCreary Farms in 2015.  These cattle had 30+ … Read More

Fenceline Weaning a Plus at King Land and Cattle, LLC

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In our second run at fenceline weaning of calves, I can definitely say that we have accepted this procedure as the way to go. Our calves wean easier, stay on feed, do not appear stressed, and maybe most importantly since the barn is just down from our house, they don’t keep us up at night bawling.  Take a look t 174C in the picture.  He is a Rudder out of a Terrell daughter.  This picture was taken 5 days into his weaning period.  He’ll make somebody a really good bull one day.  (You can claim him starting in October!) This … Read More

The Jesse Influence

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Jesse of Brinks is a primary influence in our herd.  He is out of the famed 392 cow family in the Brinks herd and sired by 607L11.  His influence has spread breed-wide as has his reputation for docility and siring functional females with superior udders. Function First!  To top that, Jesse is still breeding cows at 12 years old.  Soundness and Longevity.  Now combining all of that with great birthweights, moderate offspring, good growth, and even better carcass numbers, and you truly have a breed great.  Function First!  Over half of our females carry the influence of this great sire. … Read More

Recent Additions to the King Land & Cattle Brangus Herd

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Spring 2016 has been a really busy time at King Land and Cattle, LLC.  On top of fertilizing, fencing, working on a show heifer project, and trying to make a living in the land business, we have made new additions to our herd by purchasing females from some other great breeders and began our Ultrablack breeding program with the purchase of a flush on a great Angus cow from Upchurch Brothers Angus and the purchase of a great set of embryos from Vanna Farms at the Salacoa Valley Customer Appreciation Sale.  We have added these females and embryos with our … Read More

03 – A Cow Family Built to Last

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When we purchased the herd, we knew we were buying some of the best available.  This 03W cow has separated herself from most of the herd.  She is an easy-keeping Jesse of Brinks daughter out of a cow family that the McCreary’s brought to Alabama in 1990.  Originating from the Arnold herd in Texarkana, they bought their 03 family matron, 03T Arnold’s Dynasty, when Truman Arnold dispersed his herd, primarily because of the flooding of the Red River there.  03T was in the donor program in the Arnold herd.  The McCreary’s bred her to an Excel son they had purchased … Read More

Coming Soon! Brangus Bulls For Sale

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King Land and Cattle will have registered Brangus Bulls for sale starting in December of 2016.  We will start accepting deposits in October 2016.  Contact us at 256-252-9239 to reserve yours. These will be yearling bulls at that time.  All will have passed a breeding soundness exam and be ready for light service.  These will be the first bulls to sell in Alabama sired by the IH Rudder bull, the 2014 Brangus show sire of the year.  We will also sell a select group sired by the McCreary’s Sweet Home bull that topped the “Cut Above” sale in Cullman in 2013. … Read More