Genetic Foundations

NAME: Conecuh
SIRE: Patton of Brinks | DAM: DDD Ms Xandi 55X
Meet Conecuh, our herdsire. Pictured here Conecuh is 34 months old. We have his first calf crop in the weaning pens, and he has done exactly what we asked of him. He is sired by Patton of Brinks, out of a really good Pickett daughter originating in the Douget’s herd that the McCreary’s won the 2012 Brangus Futurity with. Conecuh is sireing real-world, functional cattle. His daughters are clean-made, feminine, with outstanding depth of muscle and capacity. At weaning, his bull calves resemble him greatly in type. We choose Conecuh to sire great females…He is doing that plus sireing bulls that should do the same. Look for his progeny soon!

NAME: Jesse of Brinks
SIRE: 607L11 | DAM: Miss Brinks Best Bet 392K17
Jesse is a foundational sire in our herd. You will find him in the pedigree of most of our cattle. He is a big reason we purchased our foundation from the McCreary’s. Jesse is as docile as any animal you will ever find. He is as phenotypically correct as any Brangus sire I have ever seen. He’s also still in the pasture breeding cows…at 12 years old. Function First! Get to know more about Jesse and his influence on our herd here:  The Jesse Influence.

NAME: Terrell of Brinks
Terrell was purchased by the McCreary’s specifically for use on their Jesse influenced females. Terrell was bred by the mastermind of the Camp Cooley genetic base, Mr. Ken Hughes. Terrell worked great on the Jesse’s. Many of our best cows are Terrell daughters out of Jesse daughters and granddaughters. Take a look at 184Y on this page. She is a great example of the fault free breeding this mating choice made. His Lead Gun sire needs no introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in Brangus.

NAME: IH Rudder 504Y2
SIRE: Chief of Indian Hills | DAM: MS BRINKS ALI 504P12
When we purchased our foundation cattle from the McCreary’s most of the females were bred to Rudder. Rudder was the 2014 Brangus show bull of the year, and it’s easy to see why. The sheer volume in this sire is amazing. Structurally correct and very functional. Function First! His calves possess the same volume and top he exhibits as well. Rudder is currently owned by Indian Hills Brangus and Quail Creek Brangus.

SIRE: Catawba Warrior | DAM: MF Miss 125F 85J5
SUMMIT COW! 85X has done such an outstanding job that she has been designated a Summit Cow, an elite distinction for cows that maintain a yearly calving interval and her calves have all been high-performers. 85X is really a representative of the 85 cow family in our herd. The McCreary’s selected the matriarch of this family in 1990 at the dispersal of the Arnold herd in Texarkana and the 85’s have been among the best ever since. Learn more about the 85 Cow family here.

SIRE: Jesse of Brinks | DAM: MF MISS CEO 03M4
03W is THAT cow. The one you pick out when you walk into a pasture full of good cows. Her 2015 Sweet Home bull calf is a herdsire in the making. I suppose it’s no surprise that she is a Jesse daughter, out of a CEO of Brinks daughter…Or that the the matriarch of this cow family also came from a purchase the McCreary’s made in 1990 from the Arnold’s dispersal. Good cow families are more influential in a herd than any sire. This is one that our herd will be built around. Perfect udder, easy-keeping, strong-topped, and long. She has made her case for the ET program. Learn more about her here:  A Cow Family Built to Last.

SIRE: Terrell of Brinks | DAM: MF MISS JESSE 184U
184Y is structurally and phenotypically correct. She has a great EPD tabulation and is as fault free as any cow you will see. She is doing an outstanding job with her 2015 Rudder sired bull calf that will make someone a great herd bull. 184Y is a great example of a Terrell daughter out of a Jesse daughter.