Recent Additions to the King Land & Cattle Brangus Herd

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23B21Spring 2016 has been a really busy time at King Land and Cattle, LLC.  On top of fertilizing, fencing, working on a show heifer project, and trying to make a living in the land business, we have made new additions to our herd by purchasing females from some other great breeders and began our Ultrablack breeding program with the purchase of a flush on a great Angus cow from Upchurch Brothers Angus and the purchase of a great set of embryos from Vanna Farms at the Salacoa Valley Customer Appreciation Sale.  We have added these females and embryos with our motto foremost in our minds.  Function First!

During the Quail Creek Brangus Cut Above Sale in Cullman on March 12th of this year we purchased three exceptional heifers that we expect to make a great impact on our herd.  We purchased the lot 3 heifer, 23B21, the high selling heifer in the sale.  She is or pick of the pen of three flushmates out of SVF Ms Leadgun 23S85 sired by Estancia.  She has an excellent EPD tabulation, and a look that makes you stop and take notice.  We are really looking forward to her calving this fall.  She has the potential to make her way to the donor pen if she proves out.

20160313_185313We also took home the lot 70 heifer from McCreary Farms.  I must confess, this felt a little like insider trading.  We own this heifer’s dam.  396B is the heifer and 396W is the dam.  This heifer is double bred Jesse, and her dam is raising one of the best Rudder bull calves we have in the pasture.  She also has the docile temperament you would expect from a Jesse bred female. Couple this with her great structure, outstanding dam, and great look, and we knew this was an opportunity not to be passed up.  Adding Jesse bred females to your herd is a sound decision.

Haynes Farms and Sunshine Acres Brangus teamed up to bring lot 119 to the sale.  She is a female with outstanding phenotype, pedigree, and set of numbers.  She is a MC Bodine daughter out of  an Elegido sired dam from the famed 23 cow family.  I was with Danny Haynes when he purchased this heifer’s great grand dam in Texas, Clem’s Backside 23P.  Danny has just bred this family better since.  If you asked me for a picture of what a perfect Brangus heifer should look like, this 23B heifer would be standing in it.  I think Danny let one get away here.  Which leads me to our next purchase…

After bringing in the 23B heifer above, and learning from Danny Haynes that he might sell the dam to this great heifer, we made the journey over to Haynes Farms (just about a whole half mile), got in the truck and then trekked about 4 miles to the rented pasture where I saw 23B’s dam, 23Z4.  We looked at all the cows in that pasture, but 23Z4 seemed to follow me around.  We took it as a sign and eventually negotiated for her along with 2 Real Deal daughters and a Garrett bred female.  One of the Real Deal daughters, 101Y, and the Garrett bred cow, 70X2 go back to cows from one of Danny’s original purchases from Bar J Brangus in South Alabama.  I made the trip with him when he bought these cattle shortly after he bought his first two from King Brangus.  It’s really neat to see these come full circle.  Danny has quietly built one of the best herds in the country.  His cooperation with Blackwater Cattle Company and Mound Creek Ranch and a great deal of hard work has really brought his herd to the top.

I will detail a little more on the embryos and those show heifers in later posts.  We are really excited about these and where they will take us.

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