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Jesse of Brinks is a primary influence in our herd.  He is out of the famed 392 cow family in the Brinks herd and sired by 607L11.  His influence has spread breed-wide as has his reputation for docility and siring functional females with superior udders. Function First!  To top that, Jesse is still breeding cows at 12 years old.  Soundness and Longevity.  Now combining all of that with great birthweights, moderate offspring, good growth, and even better carcass numbers, and you truly have a breed great.  Function First!  Over half of our females carry the influence of this great sire.

Jesse at 12 years old at Stinson Brangus

I was present the day that the McCreary’s selected him at the Camp Cooley sale in 2006.  He had been the talk of the sale for a number of reasons.  Firstly was just how good he was…easily the best L11 son to have ever sold, and out of a cow that was considered one of the best in the breed, Miss Brinks Best Bet 392K17.  The fact that Craig Green was in the pen with him and scratching him all over got some attention too.  Then there was his lack of a fly swatter.  Apparently while they were working him his tail was broken somehow and fell off.  I only mention this because it gave him some attention at the time.  The fact that he is still breeding cows at 12 years old makes me wonder of we should dock the tails on all our bulls…I digress.  Long story short Jesse and another bull you have heard of once or twice, Csonka of Brinks, topped the sale that day.  I do believe this was the height of the influence Camp Cooley had on the Brangus breed.  The McCreary’s did nothing but use the ole boy until they just couldn’t anymore.  Most of their herd carried his influence.  They still have not parted with him, but some good friends and fellow Brangus breeders in South Alabama, Stinson Brangus, are using him in their herd presently.

Cattlemen all over the world have used Jesse.  In our King Brangus days, I used him AI, and produced a herd bull that we used then.  Calm, moderate, and functional would have been great words to describe him.  When we dispersed in 2008, letting go of our good Jesse son was one of the worst parts.  I didn’t know then just how functional those Jesse daughters were shaping up to be, but I have a good feeling the McCreary’s were beginning to see the proof of just how good Jesse really was by then.  His influence was one of the bigger reasons we purchased our “restarter” herd from the McCreary’s.  Great folks, great cattle, and one great sire named Jesse.

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